Our Staff

Sohpia H. — Practice Manager, CVT, BA

Sophia graduated as a Veterinary Technician in March 2008 and became a Certified Veterinary Technician in July 2008. She has worked at 2 other small animal clinics as well as in animal research. Sophia started as a CVT and has worked her way up to Lead Technician, Office Manager, and is now the Practice Manager here at North Paws. Sophia also received her Bachelor's degree in Human Resources in 2013, so she has a lot of good experience in the veterinary field as well as with Human Resources.

Sophia is married with 3 children, named Rayne, Damon, and Gwenivere. Sophia enjoys reading romance novels, going out to movies/dinner with friends, and helping save cats through her rescue called Whisker Love Rescue. She currently has 1 dog named Shiro and 2 cats named Buffy and Celeste.

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Staff of North Paws Veterinary ClinicMalia O. — Veterinary Technician

Malia is a veterinary technician and joined the North Paws team in March, 2016. She discovered her love of animals at an early age and has always wanted to work with them. She is a 2010 graduate of MSB in St. Cloud, MN with an Associates of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology. Malia has a special interest in dentistry and finds the process of a dental cleaning to be very rewarding for herself and the patient. In her free time, Malia enjoys fostering for some of the local rescues, spending time with her son and husband as well as her adorable Dalmatians (Bailey & Roxy) and Chihuahuas (Meiko & Mia)!

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Chrissy B. — Receptionist

After raising 4 children in the south my husband, Danny, received a dream job offer, in of all places, New Hope, MN. We moved here in 2016 and we love this place and the snow and the beauty.

I went to Jr. High school and High school with a friend who moved here 30 years ago, she saw my move on social media and asked me to come interview where she worked as a vet receptionist. I got the job and felt I found my calling. Helping people has always been a passion of mine, but people with animals is even better.

North Paws is a continuation in my career as a Vet Receptionist and I could not ask for a nicer crew to work with.

Danny and I reside in New Hope MN with our rescue dog Bo, who is the best dog ever. We enjoy travelling south to spend time with our children and grand children.